Photo Credit: Tekashi69/Instagram

Long before Tekashi69 even went on the stand to do part 2 of his snitch fest, fans all said he would be going into witness protection after he gets out whether that ‘s in a year or the fully projected 47. Well it turns out he’s planning on rejecting this and instead will be hiring 24/7 security. This comes across surprising given all the members of the Nine Trey gang he’s in that he turned in in court. He even called out rappers Cardi B and Jim Jones. Cardi is debatable but Jones has tapped audio that appears to be talking about his affiliation with the gang as it relates to Tekashi. Now this might sound crazy that he would be turning down Witness Protection but think about it… he’s in his early 20s and one of the biggest names in rap right now. He still feels his career can recover and wants to do what he loves which is make music. It’s a chance he’s apparently willing to make. His attorney Dawn Florio has made no comment on this yet. Imagine the cost of security for him AND his family who have also stated they’ve been fearing for their lives as well. Well, he’s got some time to think about this. He says he’s expecting to be out some time next year so that time’s coming much sooner than originally expected.

Also on the radar to look out for from Tekashi is a new docu-series about his rise and subsequent fall to air on Snapchat some time in 2020. The Snap series, titled Vs the World, quite appropriately named for Tekashi will have him kick off the first season. Currently in production, his 2017 soaring fame will be covered as well as the RICO charge he received, indictment and incarceration. Also featured will be those closest to him who can spill as many details as possible to include DJ Akademiks, Ebro Darden, Adam22, Tory Lanez, Cuban Doll. Unfortunately for him, he won’t be seeing any money from this, unlike Danielle Bregoli who was actively involved in hers. She wasn’t behind bars while hers was made. It would have been nice for them to wait for him to get out so he can make some money to pay for that 24/7 security we talked about but this business waits for no one…