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Rapper Lil Durk’s Georgia home was invaded in the early morning hours this Sunday resulting in a shootout. Durk and his girlfriend India Cox were said to have “escaped” without injury. Key word there appears to be escaped. Now this would be a traumatic experience for anyone so imagine going through this and then being laughed at afterwards. So long as Tekashi 69 is on this earth, he’s going to make sure he takes experiences like this and react as the complete fool that he is.

Tekashi showed up under DJ Akademiks’ Instagram post about the incident writing, “Y’ALL thought this man was gangsta [sideway crying laughing emojis]. They sliding on this man every other week DAMN give him a break [sideway crying laughing emojis].”

He added, “SOMEONE SAID @lildurk not gon slide till they kill his girlfriend [crying laughing emojis] YALL CRAZY.”

Furthering the mocking, he wrote in his Instagram Story, “Don’t get mad at me otf meatriders LOL,” he wrote in one of his Instagram Stories. “I’m not the shooter [sideways crying laughing emojis].”

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Well one thing Durk doeesn’t have to worry about is that he’ll be touring with DaBaby in September. And we know DaBaby doesn’t play with anyone and will beat men, women and children and film himself doing it. So he should be safe for the forseeable future. Tekashi is who should be worried. In fact, his dad and his child that he doesn’t take care of are really what he should be worried about. But that’s another story.