Photo Credit: Tekashi69/Instagram

Today was the third and final day of rapper Tekashi69 testifying to try and get out of his pending 47 years behind bars. The agreement is that if he follows the plea deal, he’ll get below the minimum which will pretty much be whatever the judge wants. Back in the day Lil Kim talked about not snitching but that’s because she only had to do a year and a day… not 47. With his back against the wall, he’s been singing like a canary. Today’s revelation was that Cardi B and Jim Jones were members of the Nine Trey gang. Now Cardi’s openly talked about being a Blood gang member, but not Nine Trey. Now either he knows something the rest of us don’t or he’s trying to throw some big names under the bus for brownie points to get a further sentence reduction.

During the first day of him testifying, Tekashi called out Anthony “Harv” Ellison and Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack in court to their face saying that Ellison kidnapped him last summer and Mack sold heroin and ecstasy. He was also asked about Jim Jones by assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Longyear who he referred to as “a retired rapper.” Yep, that was shade there. Nevermind that Jones released an album this May. He went on to claim that he was also in the gang but this claim appears to be met with some receipts from the prosecutors. They played a 2018 wiretapped phone call between Jones and alleged Nine Trey “Godfather” Jamel “Mel Murda” Jones who were complaining about Tekashi publicly trashing gang members. “Now he gotta get violated,” Jim Jones said. “Yeah, super violated. Super duper,” Jamel Jones said. “Just tell that n- - - - that he not a gang member no more. He kicked out the whip. He was never a gang member,” Jim Jones said. No response from Jim Jones has come yet. A rep for Cardi simply said “This is not true.” Cardi followed up with a video meme of Keke Palmer being asked who Dick Cheney is but having no clue. So not only is she disagreeing, she clearly has him on her blacklist.

And remember when Tekashi’s associate and fellow gang member Kooda B plead guilty to a Times Square shooting saying that Tekashi paid him to shoot at rapper Chief Keef? Well he admitted to that except he said he only paid Kooda half of the $20,000 he promised him for doing it because instead of shooting at Keef, he shot in the air.

Then there’s the question of his credibility. He’s admitted to lying about his kidnapping in the past, claiming it was a publicity stunt. “Why did you lie?” US attorney Longyear asked. “Because I was humiliated,” Tekashi said. “Humiliated because I constantly bragged that no one could touch me — that I was untouchable. The king of New York.” Tekashi said he lied “that I blacked out.”

Anyway, Tekashi’s sentencing is expected to be January 2020. We’ll see how these last drama filled 3 days worked to his benefit.