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Tekashi69, who was once expected to spend nearly 50 years in prison, who had his sentence taken down to under 2 years with an expected release date of this summer is the luckiest man in the world to be out early due to the coronavirus. Now he got himself into this whole mess by being a professional troll, paying to pose as a street rapper until the street nearly cost the rest of his life in prison. And it’s that trolling that his attorneys have assured us he won’t be doing on social media now that he’s out.

His attorney Lance Lazzaro told TMZ that he had no restrictions on his social media so in other words, it is expected that he exercise some restraint and common sense. Well we’re not going to jinx it but asking Tekashi69 to lay low and be cool is like telling a chicken not to cluck. But somehow his other attorney Dawn Florio said he won’t be doing any of that or starting beefs and especially not promoting any gang affiliation online. Given how his history with gangs have gone and the number of people probably out for him right now, it would be in his best interest to leave that in his past… if possible.

He has one job and that is to not act up for the next 5 years while under supervised release. Is that so hard to ask? So far he’s already one trolling comment on The Shade Room’s page under a post about the Mayor of Los Angeles asking people to snitch on businesses still open during shutdown and he responded in a self-deprecating way,”Coming to the rescue.” Okay, we’ll give him that one. That was good. So long as he doesn’t stray too far from that, he’ll be fine. And again, it’s not everyday that people get the type of second chance that he did. It would be a shame to have it ruined all because of social media.

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A comment made by #Tekashi69’s account was left in #TheShadeRoom just days after he was released from prison 👀

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