Photo Credit: Terrence Howard/Instagram

There are times I really miss Empire for the show and then there are times I miss it because at least then we might not have Jussie Smollett’s African fetish or Bryshere Gray’s domestic violence issues or Terrence Howard’s apparent general douchebaggery all out in the public. Well Smollett would probably still be chasing after Africans but that’s a different story.

Terrence Howard is now being accused of trying to shake down producers of the film Triumph, designed to raise money for cerebral palsy which is skirting dangerously close to never making it into theaters because he’s been such a nightmare to work with. Back in May of last year he sent cease and desist letters to Cinemark, Digital Ignition Entertainment, Argonaut Entertainment Partners and others. He demanded $75,000 before filming which he was given just to keep things from stalling but that ran counter to his original agreement of filming for 7 days for 15% of the net profits with 5% donated to the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. An official deal memo was drafted for the remainder of the points for the film, but he refused to sign it.

The lawsuit against him claims “The Defendants’ [Howard] greedy actions halted the goodwill that Triumph would have produced by making unreasonable, baseless demands for a charitable project.” They also claim “The C&D Letters caused a significant loss of revenue from Cinemark and at least four other theater chains and caused an unnecessary delay in the digital release of Triumph.”

While a preliminary injunction is being requested for him to stop with the cease and desist orders, he’s reportedly asked for $675,000.00 to rescind them which has been described as “unreasonable and without any contractual or legal basis, but also Triumph’s revenue was not and has not ever been even remotely close to the Defendants’ demanded amount, primarily due to the Defendants’ efforts to delay and/or halt the release of Triumph.”

We’re not sure what this man has been going through lately with his behavior he’s been dragged in and out of court with various women and now this brazenly bad behavior to get money he’s not due because apparently times are hard, but he’s bordering on the need for an Iyanla Vanzant episode soon.