Photo Credit: ExtraTV

Kit Harrington’s not the only one who’s had a hard time coming to terms with the show they’re on coming to an end. If you’d remember, he went straight into rehab after it was over. Similarly, Terrence Howard just announced he’s quitting acting altogether. This came after a drunken episode of groping a woman which landed him in the klankety klank as Karen Huger would say. He was arrested over the incident. But back to Howard not acting anymore. He sat down with ExtraTV and spoke a bit about what it’s like filming now without Jussie Smollett saying “He’s definitely missed. It hurts. It’s like losing a son, but it’s nice not having all of the media circus around regarding all of the things that took place.”

Then the bombshell hit. When asked what he was doing next, he said, “Oh, I’m done with acting,” he said matter-of-factly. “I’m done pretending.” He was asked if he would focus on philanthropic work but that was met with a head shake from him. “I’m just focused on bringing truth to the world,” he responded. Now he didn’t elaborate on what he meant but he did recently make an Instagram post talking about his efforts to correct man’s “flawed approach to math.” And this is interesting because we’ve seen virtually no one mention this. Clearly there’s too many lazy writers out there. He has a website with a 100+ document about his theory on why 1×1=2. Yes, you read that right. He said 1 times 1 equals 2… not 1 but 2.

On the site, he writes, ‘Dear Friends, I believe that enough time has passed with Mankind behaving as if we are living in the dark ages! At last, “the proof and the pudding” is ready to be served!’ Now this is something to pay attention to because I want to see where this is going. He’s actually stopping his career to work on this. And don’t think this is some mental snap he’s experienced since the Smollett situation began. No, he’s been at this since 2015. Him and his wife were spending several 17 hours a day on this according to a 2015 Rolling Stone interview he did. We love eclectic people and this if anything deserves watching. In fact, it deserves a reality show. When was the last time you’ve seen a famous person challenge the conclusion of 1×1? If Jessica Simpson decided to stick to her guns that tuna was the chicken of the sea and decided to explain why that was, she might still be on reality television. See where we’re going with this? What we do know is that if anything, Howard is going to be missed on both the big and small screen. He’s been around nearly 30 years now but whatever it is he’s working on, we definitely wish him the best.