Photo Credit: Terry Crews/Instagram

Terry Crews has been making headlines lately for some of his controversial views on race such as how he saw how Black Lives Matter had morphed into sort of a supremacist movement… in his eyes, that is. Personally, what I hate about this argument is that the entire purpose is calling for equality in the criminal justice system and specifically police accountability. But that is another story. He’s already been chewed out by Don Lemon about that comment. There’s no need to pile on.

But given Crews’ seemingly repeat stumbles into going viral for going against some of the justice people are asking for, one would think he might lay low a bit. Oh, and don’t forget he mansplained Gabrielle Union who complained about sexism on set at America’s Got Talent and then had to apologize later for it. But just as he told Don Lemon that he planned on dying on this hill, that appears to be exactly what he’s set out to do.

Today Crews called for defunding PornHub. That was interesting. The first thing that comes to mind in hearing that is his 2016 confession about being addicted to porn. In fact, it was so serious he said it messed up his life. Well sir, that sounds like a personal problem. You don’t need to close an entire site because you struggle with it. Others pointed out that it’s not publicly funded and thus would not be eligible for defunding. Some Twitter users told him the issue to address should probably be sex trafficking and not attacking a porn site. And of course there were those cheering him on for calling out sin. Whatever.

It should also be stated that while he takes issue with porn, there are people who subsidized their lives and stayed above float during the pandemic financially thanks to subscription adult sites like OnlyFans. In fact, a male model by the name of Dwayne Mckell announced buying 2020 Benz today so Crews, you’re on your own with this one.