Photo Credit: Justice Taylor

It’s been 4 years since rapper The Game was originally sued for $10 million by a contestant on his show She’s Got Game where he’s been accused of reaching his hand up her skirt rubbing her bare vagina and buttocks. The accuser, Priscilla Rainey was just ordered to be paid $7 million after a judgment against Game was made way back in 2016, a year after the incident took place. He was denied a new trial for his case by a federal appeals court in Illinois. He apparently didn’t show for court Thursday and had his behavior towards Rainey referred to as “deeply reprehensible.”

The appeals court affirmed the lower court’s ruling since he didn’t know how to show up for court and now he’s going to be $7 million poorer. In a recent talk with TMZ, he was asked what reparations looked like to him and he said 40 acres and a Lamborghini. He’s going to wish he had that now and that he kept his hands to himself. He’ll also likely wish he weren’t so horribly inebriated at the time of the event that lead to this happening in the first place. He just announced he’s dropping the last album of his career next month. Now if he has $7 million to pay for a sexual assault case, he might be rethinking that.