Photo Credit: The Game/Instagram

A Congressional hearing occurred on the Hill this week on reparations to much expected controversy, but there’s one suggestion no one thought of courtesy of rapper The Game. He was asked by TMZ during his album listening event Friday night at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel what he felt reparations looked like and he said “It look like 40 acres and a Lamborghini.” When asked if he would vote for a politician that offered that, he said “I don’t even think I can vote, I’m a felon bro.” He went on to say that he feels felons who have served their time should be able to vote, something that a number of states allows but not the majority. It’s worth noting that we support this notion.

As of 2016, over 6 million felons were barred from voting. University of Georgia professor Sarah K.S. Shannon, an assistant sociology professor points out that not allowing felons to vote disproportionately affects lower income communities. “In terms of inequality, clearly, felony disenfranchisement laws have racially disproportionate effects. Our estimates lay that bare,” Dr. Shannon said. “In addition, because these laws can vary so widely by state, the effects are also spatially disparate, impacting some states’ electorates more than others.”

Aside from his thoughts on reparations, he also gave his opinion about Nicki Minaj displaying her fiance, a registered sex offender in her new Megatron music video. He said “it’s nobody’s f***n’ business but hers.” Well said, Game. Well said.