Photo Credit: Caitlyn Jenner/Instagram

Kardashian clan co-matriarch Caitlyn Jenner made an official announcement to run for Governor of California Friday in what is going to be an uphill batttle, but she seems quite confident on her ability. For one, she’s pulled together a number of Trump loyalists to include his former campaign manager Brad Parscale who is advising her campaign and hosting her website. A campaign adviser told Axios that Jenner has greater name recognition than the incumbent Gavin Newsome and “will go to every possible demographic you could think of.”

One part of the uphill battle this campaign has to face is having Newsome recalled because his term ends in 2023 and a new poll shows just 40% of the state supports a recall. The other part that Jenner has against her is a celebrity family that won’t be campaigning for her. Comparatively, one thing the former President Trump going for him was a family that all went out stumping for him, but that appears to not be the case for Jenner.

The reasons for Jenner not having family support for her campaign include the fact that she’s always been a Conservative and the family is rather liberal. Kim Kardashian took pics with Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign and in 2020 didn’t acknowledge Trump in helping her with her criminal justice reform efforts. Then there is the fact that she didn’t publicly support her own husband’s campaign for President. Though he ran as an Independent, he practically is a Republican so that doesn’t matter.

Another reason the Kardashian clan might not campaign for her is the fact that her divorce from Kris Jenner has yet to go down smoothly for the family. Hard feelings still abound and the children don’t want to get in the middle. This is understandable. A source says she spoke to the family about this before announcing Friday and didn’t expect to have their support. That honestly shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Since the campaign announcement “HELL NO” and “#SayNoToCaitlyn” have both been trending. We’re not going to make any predictions because none of us saw the last 5 years happening so at this point, who knows what could happen…