Photo Credit: Kaskade/Instagram

One of the worst deals in Vegas happened this year taking out the latest premiere entertainment venue in the city out along with it. That deal is none other than the overvalued $60 million contract for DJ Marshmello at Club Kaos at the Palms, one in which an internal investigation showed the club wasn’t able to pay for practically anything else other than him with the money being made. This has lead to Kaskade, another DJ there to sue for breach of contract after it was announced the club was closing. His contract was with FP Holdings and was for 30 shows in 2019 and another 30 in 2020. While it isn’t clear how much his contract was for, DJ Marshmello’s was the highest in history for a DJ, with many wondering how any type of profit could be made after paying that. The answer was none and the crowds never quite materialized, either.

Months after opening, Marshmello and a number of other acts all were on their way out of the door with the club showing a near $30 million loss for the year, mostly in paying artist exit fees. Also out of the door was Wynn Nightlife executive Alex Cordova. He’s the one responsible for Marshmello’s contract. The club briefly closed for renovations, adding a dome so the club goers could party year round but after Cardi B’s Halloween party which celebrated the club’s re-opening, it closed days later indefinitely. Basically, all the money made was going to Marshmello.

While the Palms story may be a sad one, Kaskade said none of that is any of his business. A contract is a contract and in the words of Clair Huxtable to Sondra Huxtable in the Cosby’s when she decided to walk away from her college education her parents paid for, he said, “I want my money.” Being as though he’s under contract, he asked for alternate locations to perform, but received no response. Whatever’s going on with the Palms, he says he’s owed for 37 more shows. Guess someone had better cough up some money around here or it’s not going to be pretty.

This whole ordeal reminds us of the record contracts Whitney and Mariah received around 2000, both the biggest in history of about $100 mil+ each for a series of albums, both of which spiraled downhill spectacularly, and Mariah famously being paid to leave her label. Similarly, we’re likely not going to see a contract to the size of Marshmello’s anytime again soon and the casino is going to regret giving it to him for some time as they try to be think their entertainment planning.