Photo Credit: Spencer Wardwell & Arlen Konopaki

R Kelly is currently facing 10 counts of performing sexual acts on minors but even with that, it isn’t clear how many he’s committed illegal sexual acts with. So because of that, Kim Foxx of the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office set up a hotline for those he may have exploited to call back in January. Now the problem is that dozens of calls come in everyday of women bragging about sleeping with Kelly including men mentioning women they know he’s slept with which would be helpful if all the calls weren’t mostly consensual acts. We just can’t have anything apparently. What makes people think that’s an appropriate avenue to flex is beyond us. With all the years of talks of decades of inappropriate behavior he’s allegedly had with people complaining that he’s gotten away with it all for so long, you’d think this would be left for people to respect but… that would be too much like right.

Earlier this week Kelly just narrowly avoided jail again by ponying up over $60,000 in child support for 3 months of the year. He still owes over $30,000 of the $161,000 the judge ordered him to pay in March. The mother of his child, Drea Kelly’s also seeking interest for back child support payments and attorney fees. He’s also under FBI investigation for more underage sex tapes, and has two open probes in New York State going right now. He missed court recently in one of his sexual assault cases and had a default judgment made against him because of it. He was, however, able to have it overturned by explaining to the judge he couldn’t read and therefore was not properly notified of his court date. Now that’s rich. Many of us knew he couldn’t read but to use that as an excuse not to get to court as though his illiterate self has never gone to court before is really something else, but a convenient stall tactic nonetheless. His troubles are many and to his disgusting benefit, he likely won’t have to worry about any of his accusers making valid calls to the assault hotline with his name on it since people are clearly playing on that line. Updates will be provided as they come in.