Photo Credit: Bravo

Bravo’s jewel franchise of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is back with its 12th season and they don’t fail to deliver. To start, fan favorite Kenya Moore is back and within the first 12 seconds, the Detroit in her came out. I actually don’t know if at any point we’ve seen her in near fighting stance but she was that day. The trailer involved a lead up to what appeared to be yet another hotel room fight. You’d think after Kandi Burruss’ bedroom Kandi party years ago they would have learned that hotel rooms just aren’t good for these ladies. Something about confined spaces seem to always backfire.

Cynthia Bailey described the cast as all being in the place they want to be but of course, you can always expect some BS to happen. And apparently, she’s the center of the BS as Nene made it known that Cynthia has a side that everyone else doesn’t know about. For those who have paid attention, we’ve seen little glimpses of this before from when she kicked Porsha in the stomach or how Nene said she had to fight with production to include hot mic footage of Cynthia trying to set up Nene by inviting Kenya to be in her space when they clearly weren’t getting along. But in this season, she’s confronted by her man who apparently is tired of spending time around another man she’s slept with that’s always in his face. Well that’s a new one. Since when did Cynthia become a THOT? As for her behavior, Marlo Hampton said what’s in the dark will always come to light. The thing to remember here is that Cynthia was a model which means she knows how to chop a b*tch at the knees when she needs to do so. Just saying.

Regarding things in the dark, we wonder if what occurred in Kenya Moore’s marriage will be brought to light. She mentioned that her marriage was in a really low place. They’re two years in which is longer than a lot of people make it. But the season preview comes at an interesting time because she literally just announced separating from her husband and just days after the two appeared on Tamron Hall’s show talking about their child she had through IVF. The preview showed Kenya crying while being asked if she had a prenup and of course, the scene was cut before an answer was given. Her husband said in a shouting match that she could take it all and he would build it again.

Before we give away too much, this is definitely going to be a season to watch. The only thing that could have made it better is bringing Phaedra back but we hear she’s on Marriage Boot Camp with a man she met 6 months ago that she’s not married to. Hmm.

Check out the Season 12 trailer for the Real Housewives of Atlanta below: