Photo Credit: Monique Samuels/Instagram

The season 5 opener for The Real Housewives of Potomac with the eerie horror movie cloud hanging over the show appears to be a perfect depiction of how this season is going to go. We already knew there was a major fight between Monique Samuels and co-star Candiace Dillard which makes for a rather predictable storyline where it would be dragged out the remainder of the season. But halfway through the second episode which Bravos snuck on us with an early preview, the existence of a “rumor” about Samuels came up that she said she didn’t want to speak about.

Now we all know what happens when we start bringing up subjects we don’t want to talk about. That means it’s going to be talked about. During a “Coming Out of the House” party for Ashley Darby who has surprisingly become a homebody afraid to leave her child at home for 3 seconds, Dillard said she wasn’t aware that Samuels had such a strong beef with Charisse Jordan. After exchanging darted eyes at each other across the table, Samuels said they’d chat later. No one at the table said a word or tried to further the issue. That shows a level of respect the group had not to bring a personal issue out into the public that could be damaging to them.

So what was this hush hush story? Well in her confessional, Gizelle Bryant said apparently Samuels was getting a little too close with her trainer and were out in public with it. Should we expect everything out in the open and on the table for reality television? Possibly, but as said earlier, the cast appears to have agreed not to say anything. And given how Samuels doesn’t provoke others and pick on the rest of the cast as Darby used to do, that’s why there isn’t much reason to go targeting Samuels. She gets along well in the sandbox. Darby pretty much asked for it attacking literally everyone’s relationship but she appears to be in a different place now and has grown up.

As for Jordan spreading this woman, keep in mind that this is a woman who remained in a relationship with a man without living in the same state in years all because she said she didn’t want to give up the lifestyle she had. Her marriage was so bad that when she chose to divorce him she had to leave the show to keep from talking about it. So it’s a shame to see someone who went through that would try to send someone else through the same thing. But misery loves company and there’s no other explanation for it. But Samuels got her back. When asked how Dillard’s anniversary party went that was in the first episode, she said she was dodging a walrus. That walrus was Charisse Jordan. #Dead.

One thing Jordan and Samuels have in common is that they both rap. The difference though his night and day as Jordan’s lyrical ability, while good is reminiscent of the 80s and Samuels just released a single called Drag Queens and we were in shock not only at the fact she could rap but I personally didn’t realize it was her. That’s a serious secret talent she has. On Watch What Happens Live after the first episode aired, Bryant said she had made the song about violence and she was embarrassed for her. Samuels immediately responded on Twitter saying “For those who can ACTUALLY READ… check out my lyric video which is an anthem for standing up for yourself. Those who are illiterate will think it’s about promoting violence.” In the second episode, Samuels tried to make up with Bryant but apparently that didn’t work out. She said in her confessional that she always said Bryant was easier to deal with when she was getting “regular D” and that this time she was getting anointed D. She also said it was about time she stopped being a “bottom behind trick” and tried to get along with people. Ouch.

Well it looks like this season is Monique Samuels turn in the hot seat but she tends to handle herself well… so long as no umbrellas are around. We kid. Tune in Sundays at 8 pm EST on Bravo to catch more of the ladies of Potomac.