Photo Credit: Young Dolph/Instagram

In under 2 months of rapper Young Dolph’s death, already three people have been arrested in connection to his murder. The first, Justin Johnson, 23 was arrested on January 11th after being tracked down in Indiana and was identified as the primary suspect. The second was Cornelius Smith apprehended and taken to Shelby County Jail. The third, U.S Marshal Tyreece Miller revealed is 27-year-old Shundale Barnett who has been charged with being an after-the-fact accessory to first-degree murder.

“It’s a big deal,” Miller said. “We’re proud of the work that everybody you see standing up here has done and even some that you don’t see. There are a lot of unseen heroes that participated in the case … I think we are the best of the best. We get results and today’s announcement demonstrates that.” Miller said it was the $15,000 reward offered that lead to over 500 tips taking U.S. Marshals to Indianapolis, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Hampton, Virginia.

Barnett is currently at Clay County Jail but will be extradited back to Shelby County Jail soon. Johnson was taken to the Knox County Indiana Jail and booked on violation of federal supervised release. He’s also going to be taken to Shelby County.