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Imagine finding cheap rent online out of state, signing a lease, only to get there and realizing it’s because it was a retirement community. Now just how one can manage to do such a thing is beyond me, but this was a 19 year old TikTok user that did it which puts things a little bit more into perspective.

Madison Kohout has gone viral with 3.5 million views of people watching her now self-depracating humor about her circumstances. “Me getting ready to move to an apartment out of state that ive never seen in person… and realize i just moved myself into retirement home,” she tells her followers.


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“The rent was significantly cheaper compared to where I had moved from,” she told Insider. “I was able to lease a two-bedroom for only $350 a month. It was super spacious and felt like home.”

It all started when she met her now “TikTok mom” Gigi who convinced her to leave her home in Oklahoma for Arkansas to be near her new family. She agreed and the woman even helped her find a place. But once she got there, she said “When I went out to my car, I started meeting some of my neighbors. To my surprise, they were all over the age of 65.”

Now I don’t know if I would recommend a place I’ve not looked at in person for a friend coming out of state and secondly, how does an adult miss a detail like a place being a senior citizen community? To be fair, as someone who used to work in real estate, everyone doesn’t necessarily have my property research skills but STILL. Jesus Chris on a crutch!


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“A week later, I saw the sign reading ‘Senior Citizen Apartments.’ I realized I accidentally moved into a retirement village,” she said. But since living there she’s decided to embrace her new life and has even invited her neighbors into some of her videos.

“When I get home it’s usually always super quiet,” she boasts in one, “because most of my neighbors are asleep by the time I get home.”

“But one MAJOR perk is that I can play music whenever I want to, ’cause some of them can’t hear.” Ok, now that was funny. One of her followers did comment, “Congrats. You’re their IT person now.” So this I can attest to. As someone who has done IT in nearly every work environment I’ve been in as one of the younger people in the office. Hey, at least she’s having fun.

Final verdict: Do I believe that this is actually happening where this girl managed to move states away without realizing she was moving to a retirement community? The cynic in me says no because … well, how? What about Google and don’t people call and ask questions? She also has a history in media so this could have been staged. And even if it is, it’s a genius idea. On the other end, she’s 19 years old and 19 year olds do 19 year old things and this could very likely be one of them.