Photo Credit: Teairra Mari/Instagram

The year was 2010 and the First Lady of Roc Nation Teairra Mari had left for greener pastures at Warner Bros. Records releasing her single Sponsor to quite the uproar. Shockingly this boastful track about dating a man that likes to spend money, referring to him as a “sponsor” got banned from BET. It’s been over a decade and we still have a hard time understanding that one given the types of things that have been on BET over the years. The outrage about this song even caused a statement to be released by her label.

The song has features from Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy and came just before the summer release of the film Lottery Ticket she starred in alongside Bow Wow. During an appearance on The Monique Show, she told the actress and comedian, “Personally, I prefer a corporate sponsor. So, right now, Warner Bros. is my sponsor. But no matter what you do — doctor, lawyer, board of education — wherever you get your coins from to pay your bills, that’s your sponsor. Work it!”

This song still remains one of our favorites which is why we had to bring it back for #ThrowbackThursday.