Photo Credit: Tiffany Haddish/Instagram; Chingy/Instagram

Tiffany Haddish is currently in a social media war with Chingy over whether or not she slept with him after an appearance she did on Ellen in response to whether she dated any celebrities or not. “Chingy … I mean, it was a hookup,” she said. “That was the early 2000s, I don’t even know if that counts anymore.” This apparently didn’t sit well with Chingy who went on Instagram calling her a liar. “Now @tiffanyhaddish knows damn well that’s a lie [and] since she lied I’m a tell the truth,” he wrote. “She use to hook up with my brother not me but she liked me. Hey if we gone be honest let’s be honest.”

Now it’s starting to get good. But it doesn’t stop there. She actually owns up to sleeping with the brother saying that she and Chingy “had a lot of fun back in the day and only had sex once.” She went on to say, “Really Chingy stop. I hooked up with you once like 2 months after we met. Granted the sex was not good cuz you was ‘sleepy,’” she said. “I was definitely in your bed at that hotel on San Vicente and Sunset. S–t, you pulled down my Sergio Valentes.” She added, “A few days later I found out you was hooking up with my homegirl that was a dancer in that video you did with Houston and she was pregnant. So I back off and three months later I hooked up with your brother.”

Now this is what happens when you kiss and tell. Claiming you dated someone on television is one thing. Calling out hookups is another. I saw one comment on Twitter saying it couldn’t have been good if a guy is denying sleeping with you but we disagree. It was private. There’s no reason to be dragging stuff like that out in public and especially some 15 or so years later. It was entertaining to watch though.

Chingy does have a bit of a bad history with relationship rumors. He maintains to this day that a rumored relationship with transgender model Sidney Starr cost him his record deal because of the bad publicity. This on the other hand is different because Haddish is a bonafied star now and arguably larger than him in 2019 so there shouldn’t be anything to be ashamed of. But it’s understandable that after what he went through with the Starr rumors that he would just want to keep his personal life to himself. Now as for this situation with his brother, we want to know who he is and what he looks like. Anyway, let’s see if he responds again.