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The hot nanny from Tiger King, Masha Diduk who worked for Jeff Lowe has found herself in a world of trouble for having a little too much fun in Vegas. And we’re not talking about the good kind. She apparently tried to make off with a $5,000 candelabra out of the Wynn Las Vegas and Security went on a scavenger hunt to find her and have her arrested. They dug through security footage, saw her taking it from a dining room, spotted when she left, got her tag plate, parking ticket and spotted her from her social media. And it was a wrap.

Diduk was arrested for grand larceny according to police reports found from July. She first became known when the 28 year old was hired in 2020 by Lowe and his wife that originally met her in Vegas where she was working as a model. Now not many women are comfortable with their husband hiring a woman like Diduk to watch their children unless they themselves were interested in them. If you remember, they’re both known as swingers and Lowe’s wife Lauren was reportedly his mistress before they got married so she probably got a little benefit from having Diduk as a babysitter.

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What’s unfortunate about this is that the girl is gorgeous and could probably find a guy to give her anything she wants in Vegas for $5,000. But then that wouldn’t satisfy the thrill of stealing. At least she got a hot mugshot out of it.