Photo Credit: Tiger Woods/Instagram

As the mid-term elections heat up with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband being attacked and all of the women coming out of the wood work about Herschel Walker including his son, Tiger Woods has now found himself in the mix. For some reason his 2017 DUI arrest made its way into Arizona Republican Attorney General nominee Kris Kobach’s campaign ad titled Just Intentional.

The ad’s purpose is to paint his Democrat opponent Chris Mann as being soft on crime, pointing out his opposition to the death penalty. It featured Woods along with images of a couple convicted murderers on Kansas’ death row. As for the reason Woods had to be dragged into it, Kobach’s spokesperson Danedri Herbert told FOX Digital it was the fault of the ad agency they hired and the mistake was fixed within minutes.

Revised ad

Celebrating the attention the ad was getting, Herbert said, “What a happy accident that media is going to pick this up and expose Chris Mann as a soft-on-crime liberal Democrat who will let cop killers and mass murderers off easy for their heinous crimes.” The ad was replaced with a new version where Woods was replaced with the image of what appears to be a prison inmate. And just how does a mistake like this happen? Well it could be for a few reasons. One is that studies show that people have trouble distinguishing the identity of people of other races which is where the saying “All black people look the same” comes from. They also could have used Tiger Woods simply to get attention, pretend it was a mistake and then go “correcting” it while doubling down on the original message in front of the new larger audience they have that they wouldn’t have had before. We’re sure the latter was probably the case.