Photo Credit: Tom Arnold/Instagram

Tom Arnold is appearing in a new documentary about his sister Lori Arnold titled Queen of Meth, which apparently was her nickname as well. She did about 15 years in prison up until around the start of the millenium. Nicknamed Scarface in a Skirt in prison in West Virginia, she was in there for dealing $200,000 of meth a week and owned over a dozen houses in her town, a car dealership, a private plane, club, etc to launder the money and even buried some on her property because she had so much she didn’t know what to do with it all.

She was married off at 14 to an abusive 23 year old and taken to do so by her mother so one can only imagine if that is who you have for parents, how she ended up the way she did. Tom told the NY Post, “I don’t want to say it ruined Lori’s life because she’s strong now, she’s doing well.” As for her insane drug franchise she ran, he said “It was the end of her childhood.” “I’m just grateful she didn’t get murdered. There was no way to end it, except death or prison. And she got lucky.”

This would explain Tom Arnold’s own drug and alcohol addiction he’s been in rehab for dating back to the 80s. He wound up in a septic coma from a dependency on prescription pills following a 2007 motorcycle crash after being clean for 2 decades in 2012.

As for Lori, she’s told People Magazine that she hopes her story will be an inspiration to others, saying “I hear about all these young kids that are killing themselves, and OD-ing and I feel guilty about it. I wish I could go back and do things differently. I can only hope that others can learn through my mistakes.”

Queen of Meth begins streaming on Discovery+ today.