Photo Credit: Kelsey Harris/Instagram; Tory Lanez/Instagram

Tory Lanez’ dad was in the courtroom screaming and hollering calling prosecutors “evil” after his son was convicted for shooting his ex-fling Megan Thee Stallion, but some very concrete evidence of intent of his deeds has now hit the internet. Appearing to apologize to both Megan and her friend Kelsey Harris in a phone call with Harris made from Hollywood Jail, he wanted to make sure everyone was fine after what occurred stating pretty much that it was the liquor that made him do it.

“I know she’s probably never ever gonna talk to me ever again but… bruh, I just want you to know, I was just so fucking drunk, I don’t even know what the fuck was going on, deadass. I’d never do some shit like that,” Lanez says. “Regardless, that’s not gonna make anything right and that’s not gonna make my actions right, but I’m deeply sorry for that. I never even move like that at all. For real, for real, dawg.” Harris replied with a sigh saying, “I know. It was a lot, it was a lot that happened.” Tory continued, “A whole lot, bruh. I feel crazy, but what happened happened already; I can’t take it back. I’m just telling y’all I’m sorry, bruh. I think we were just too drunk. When I got to the house, they gave me like five shots, like off the door, you feel me? So I was outta there. I don’t even remember what we was even arguing about.” At the end of the call, Lanez asked her to call his driver and security Jaquan Smith to “tell this n-gga, if you get a chance, just figure out what you gotta do to bail me out this shit.”

But not just yet. Back in February Lanez said any apology he had been giving had been for “f*cking 2 best friends” and not shooting her. You can listen to the call yourself and be the judge.