Photo Credit: Tory Lanez/Instagram

Tory Lanez just celebrated his 29th birthday Tuesday and decided to do so with his fans, releasing his new EP We Outside. The 5 track project includes just one feature and that is Kodak Black on Grah Tah Tah. This comes after his R&B capsule Playboy released back in March. He had a little help in the publicity department for his EP when he was brought out on stage by DaBaby at the Rolling Loud festival over the weekend. It resulted in a shoe being thrown at DaBaby but we’re sure he got some added streams from appearing at hip hop’s biggest event of the year.

He did want to make it clear that all is not gravy between him and ex Megan thee Stallion and that we’ll be hearing from him about what actually happened regarding this year long accusation of him accused of shooting her.

He went on Twitter and ranted, “I’m so f*cking motivated! …. n*ggas really tried to play me … and y’all bout to feel it. WATCH.” He added in another tweet, “I’m 29 as of today …. I’m going into this year. Living it to the fullest . Not taking sh*t from nobody. And truly going to go so f*cking hard. Y’all gone get tired of me.”

“And all y’all f*ck n*ggas that played me last year … keep that energy. THE DAY IM ALLOWED TO SPEAK ON THE REAL F*CKERY THATS BEEN GOING ON . ITS UP!!!!! Lastly ….. I refuse to let anyone DIM my light … or stop me from speaking my mind to the fullest …. If u dislike my opinion this year … that’s u 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️.”

He ended with “Happy U day.”

Something tells us this was a publicity stunt that got out of control. You tell me who you can shoot and then just walk around a free man for a full year after with everyone talking about it? Remember when the police came to their car when it all happened, she didn’t tell anyone about being shot. She went home and put it on social media. We’ll see how this plays out.