Photo Credit: Tory Lanez/Instagram

When you first hear Tory Lanez and prison reform in the same sentence, you might draw the conclusion that he would only be involved to try to keep his own potential future sentencing down. And you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that, except for the fact that he made it known he’s been doing this for years.

In a new Instagram post, he wrote, “@facecard1808 ….. I joined prison reform 2 and a half years ago with a non profit foundation called @unitethepeopleusa .. I joined to help get my uncle out of jail … I AM ON THR ADVISORY BOARD now … it took some time … but I’m almost there unc !!! They can’t stop us 🚷 …. #FreeSpeedy till it’s Backwards”

As for that case with his situationship ex Megan Thee Stallion, he said on Twitter earlier in the month, “I don’t care about repairing an image that people tried to smear and couldn’t … All I can do is play my part . And I’m proud of the part I play .”

Megan has been quite distraught about the situation from last summer where she’s accused Lanez of shooting her in the foot, for which he has denied and stated he’s not allowed to speak about it, either.

And to make matters kind of worse, he announced a new collab album with Chris Brown. Now nothing against Brown… he’s an amazing artist but the optics are that he’s not quite self-aware with that move. Two alleged women beaters announcing a project while one is in between court dates over his case. But as he said, if he did nothing wrong, there’s no need to be tiptoing around, right?

All we have to say is good for Tory Lanez on working to address prison reform, staying out of trouble and his new hairline.