Christopher Kadima is known as the go-to trainer for some of the industry’s best bodies as the NY Post described him. His clients have included Daniela Lopez who’s served as the face of Victoria Secret’s Pink and Xeni Deli who has starred in Justin Bieber‘s What Do You Mean music video. The 6’4 Frenchman started off as a shooting guard when he was approached by a modeling agent. He moved to New York in 2013 for a catalog shoot embarking on his new modeling and entertainment career and the rest has been history. If you’re interested in getting a body like Christopher’s we’ve added some of his favorite workouts here for you to try at home.

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How to Train Like a Swimsuit Model:
• Basic Squat with Side Leg Lift
Targets: Glutes

Stand with your feet about shoulder-width distance apart with the resistance band around your lower legs. Hold your hands either in front of you or on your hips for balance. Bend your knees and squat, keeping your weight on the back of your heels. Then stand straight up and lift the right leg out to the side, squeezing the outer glute. Repeat with the left leg. Do 12 squats with six leg raises on each side.

• Lunges with bicep curl
Targets: Quadriceps, glutes and biceps

Start with one foot on the slider and one foot on the resistance band. Hold the resistance band with both hands and push back with your toes on the slider. Simultaneously execute the biceps curl with both arms. Then lower your hips toward the floor and bend both knees. The back knee should come close to the floor but not touch it. Push off the back leg to come back to standing position. Do 10 reps per leg.

• Side crunch
Targets: Abs and love handles

Lying on your side with one arm on your hip, raise legs up and down (from the hip socket) in a 30- to 45-degree motion. Do 15 on each side.
• Ball pushup
Targets: Chest, shoulders, triceps and abs

Start in a standard pushup position, with one hand on the ball and one hand on the floor. Lower your torso toward the floor and press back up. Switch the ball to the other hand and repeat. Do 10 to 15 times in a row.
• Side plank
Targets: Obliques, abs and back muscles

Support your weight on your forearm and the side of your foot. Increase difficulty by raising one arm and one leg. Hold the position for one minute per side.