Photo Credit: Trey Songz/Instagram

Trey Songz is reported to have had a road rage incident Thursday night around midnight. According to the woman, it started with shouting from their respective vehicles that spilled out on the road. She got out to confront him causing him to hit both her hand, injuring it and her car. He allegedly took off before the police could show up. It isn’t evident at the moment that the two had any type of a previous relationship.

As for Trey’s team, they strictly deny her claims. This does add to a couple other legal cases he has over fits of rage, one to include him putting an officer in a chokehold and punching him which was thrown out; and the other involves him allegedly punching a bartender in 2019 that just made it to court last week.

Trey’s also found himself the subject of a few other incidents to include Celina Powell who claims he choked her, threw her phone out of the window, etc. Now Powell’s been caught in a tall tale or two and even if he did do those things, she never went to the police so it doesn’t seem quite plausible if you ask us. And if you watched her talk about it, it’s hard to tell if she was choked by Trey or whether she wanted to be. Some people are into that kind of stuff, y’know. He recently launched an OnlyFans account and went viral for spitting in the mouths of two women. Perhaps he should put a little more energy into those videos instead of taking his anger out on strangers. At least he’ll get paid more that way and his fans might actually like it.