Photo Credit: Celina Powell/Instagram

Trey Songz is having some strong accusations lodged against him by Instagram model Celina Powell in a recent Youtube video shared. She’s claiming he kidnapped her and forced her to “do some things.” They went from the studio to the club to his apartment, all while having her phone confiscated and shoved in a van being transported from location to location. Now this is possible but while listening to the video she recorded with a friend who was present for all of this, they repeatedly talked about how afraid they were and named the multiple instances where they simply gave up on trying to get home. They also said they were in very public places and could have gotten help from anyone around. So why then didn’t they? And who gets kidnapped and chooses to keep it a secret while walking around, especially if not being held at gunpoint? That leads us to the next topic being who Celina Powell is.

Celina Powell has been linked to Snoop Dogg, Offset, Waka Flocka Flame, Fetty Wap, Cash Out, Swae Lee, Dwight Howard, Dez Bryant, O’Shea Jackson Jr. and we’re sure some more. She’s nicknamed “The Black Widow” which should tell you something but apparently these rappers just can’t get enough. It might be possible that she was holding out the entire time through this “abuse” to get something she ultimately didn’t get and then decided to share the horrible abuse she voluntarily chose to go through. It’s also possible that things could have gone exactly as she described it although it’s a little hard to believe given how she laughed through most of the video. She said she had just finished taking shots and recording a previous video. As a future tip, the next time you choose to accuse someone of kidnap and insinuating sexual abuse, you should probably get your demeanor together first so you actually look sad about what happened.