Photo Credit: Trey Songz/Instagram

Trey Songz is a multiplatinum selling artist, sex symbol and even has an OnlyFans account for people who can’t get enough of him and yet somehow he’s under investigation for sexual assault. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is currently looking into an incident that took place at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. He was reportedly celebrating his 37th birthday at Drai’s Nightclub Saturday when his entourage brought a group of women back to The Cosmopolitan hotel. And that is where the problems began.

Trey’s reported to be cooperating with authorities. And while it’s hard to imagine this being a thing with him, there have been previous stories from people like Celina Powell, a known groupie and a liar, but to our knowledge he’s never been charged with anything. The last club story we had on Trey Songz, someone literally attempted to roofie him on camera slipping something in his drink when they thought he wasn’t watching. Hopefully this too isn’t anything. He was sued for punching a bartender this summer but that’s not the same as sexual assault. Anyway, we’ll be reporting on this as more information comes in.