Photo Credit: Tristan Thompson/Instagram; Kim Alexander/Instagram

Khloe Kardashian’s ex, Celtics player Tristan Thompson was making back to back headlines not long ago of cheating, being out with other women and that was when model and influencer Kimberly Alexander saw an opportunity. She went on Instagram taunting Khloe about how he had fathered a child with her and that they needed to talk it out like adults. The end result now is that the court has entered into a default judgment in Thompson’s favor against her for $50,000 plus $2,901.75 in court costs. She also has 10% interest annually to pay until it’s paid off.

The amount of $50,000 came about because Thompson originally asked for $100,000 stating she cost him endorsement deals but then wouldn’t share which deals, so the court offered him half as much. Then there’s the fake DM’s she shared that allegedly came from Khloe that had her threaten to sue her for libel as well. Given how this all has clearly effected Khloe, we fully expect her to sue her as well.

Kimberly Alexander is a model, influencer and works in airbnb management. She covered Pressure Magazine in 2018. That and the fact that she had almost 100,000 followers on Instagram before her page was deactivated (probably for lying), she’s got the means to make the money to pay for any judgments she gets against her in all of this.