Photo Credit: Lil Wayne/Instagram; White House/Instagram

In the final hours of every presidency, the fury of pardons come in and that was no different for President Trump. After the bad press for the Iraqi contractors he pardoned after killing innocent civilians in ’07, a couple rappers aren’t nearly as troublesom. I know some are going to roll their eyes at Lil Wayne and Kodak Black of all people, but hear me out.

Lil Wayne was getting sentenced soon for weapons charged. He apparently had a gun in his luggage getting on a plane. When 9/11 hit, a lot of things were no longer allowed on planes and from reports of people constantly getting in trouble for bringing them on planes or packing them, I thought they weren’t allowed at all, but apparently there’s special rules around carrying them on planes.

Personally, I believe in Constitutional carry. I should be able to carry a gun… anywhere. I don’t cease having a safety threat because I’m on a plane, school grounds, mall, etc. And unfortunately, rappers, who are always under a security threat, are constantly getting caught up in weapons charges and less of having their own paid security, sometimes they can’t legally have a gun themselves, so what do you expect them to do? It’s a trap.

Now take Kodak Black for instance. He apparently lied on a gun application saying he didn’t have a felony when he did. That’s a situation a lot of other people can relate to. People with felonies, especially those fresh out of prison very well may have people after them and need protection. So what are you going to do? You’re going to go around the rules to get one.

So these two were likely the lease controversial of his pardons. The former Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick, Steve Bannon, etc. are all another story.