Photo Credit: TMZ

In a rare appearance, former President Donald gave a wedding speech for a couple at his Palm Beach resort, Mar-a-Lago. After the pleasantries about the couple were out of the way, that’s when he decided to go on a tangent about how Joe Biden is running the country now. He talked about the migrant crises at the Mexico border, what strain on all of our resources these children will be, the “stolen election,” as he calls it and got a round of applause after he asked the room if they missed him. The sheer balls to do that during a wedding reception is quite hilarious but that’s Donald Trump for you. When has anyone ever stopped him from doing what he wanted to do?

In other news, an allie of Trump’s, his former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said on NewsMax today that he should have his own social media platform up and running in a few months. “We’re going to have a platform where the president’s message of America First is going to be able to be put out to everybody,” he said on NewsMax’ ‘Saturday Agenda.’ “There’ll be an opportunity for other people to weigh in and communicate in a free format without fear of reprisal or being canceled,” he stated.

Now if this in fact happens following his collossal banning from practically every social media platform in existence following the January 6th attack on the US Capitol, that would be interesting. One thing I have always said that for the hecklers on one side of the aisle who complain so much about the media and how they control everything, they should create their own. So in my opinion the more options, the better. At least it will be less people crying about Zuckerburg and Jack.