Photo Credit: Lauren Ossorio/Instagram

Twitter announced a new Super Follow feature that allows users to charge monthloy for additional content to include “community access” and “subscriber-only newsletters,” among other things. And this doesn’t come as a surprise as anyone who has been on the app since this pandemic started has seen a litany of paid content services ranging from and Patreon for political videos to OnlyFans for adult content. In fact, 2 years after Tumblr banned porn from its site, it’s not flodding Twitter, especially with people promoting accounts on all the other subscription sites. So Twitter decided to cash in and stop being the intermediary for all the other sites.

“The new feature comes as Twitter is looking to move beyond its dependence on ad sales to drive revenue — something Twitter recently said was a goal for the company moving forward — and puts it squarely in competition with companies like OnlyFans and Patreon, which also help creators make money off their followers,” The Wrap reported.

Thursday was Twitter’s investor day and they announced intent to double revenue by 2023 which says they obviously feel this is going to be a big hit. The only thing that’s interesting about this to us is that with Twitter’s video and character limits, are people really going to be paying for such truncated content or will they be allevialting that for the paid side of their platform. The fact that Twitter responded by causing the hashtag #RIPTwitter to trend says users may not necessarily agree. For now, we’re going to see what happens from here.