Photo Credit: Armani Kelly/Facebook, Missing In Michigan/Detroit Police Department

Two missing rappers Armani Kelly and Dante Wicker along with their friend Montoya Givens had been missing for close to two weeks but were just found dead in the basement of an abandoned Highland Park apartment building in Detroit buried under debris. Originally reported missing January 21st, police had pinged the cell phone locations of the three men as being near the Northcourse Apartments building but apparently did so too late because they couldn’t get access to the information earlier. Because no immediate known danger existed when they originally went missing, it took time to get access to the data.

It all started when the two rappers were booked for a show at Lounge 31 that ended up getting cancelled due to technical issues and their bodies along with that of their  friend Givens were found in the abandoned building. it wasn’t clear if they ever made it to the venue. A Facebook Live video by Armani Kelly whose rap name is Marley Whoop is being referred to in comments online as a strong potential reason for what happened. He was seen on camera referring to someone he had been behind bars with as a snitch and telling a lot more than people felt was necesssary. He was speaking to 3 men during the Live he appeared to think were friends of his who definitely didnt act the same. At one point they told him they were on Call of Duty time where he said he didn’t have time to play video games and they let him know they meant in real life. And as for the lounge, they commented on Instagram that they were standing with those who lost their lives and denied having involvement in their death.

Our prayers are with the families of those who died.