Photo Credit: Tyga/Youtube

We reported a few details the repo woes Tyga seems to keep having. He lost a Ferrari and two Maybachs to the repo man and even got approached in the club at Floyd Mayweather’s birthday party that caused him to get dragged out over money he owed on a Maybach that had JUST gotten repo’d. None of that apparently has stopped him as he just got a new red 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV. Ironically, this was right before having a showdown over that Maybach he had snatched. Oh, and the Rolls starts at $325,000.

Sources say he was shopping for a new Lambo Wednesday as well. Maybe he ran into some money we don’t know about but why he keeps trying creditors, we have no idea. He’s been kicked out of a few homes he’s rented in the last few years as well. And all this car shopping he did apparently prevented him from showing up to court for $250,000 he owes a woman who had a stage light kit fall on her head causing her to get stitches. Unless he paid the woman, he still has a bench warrant out for him as far as we know.

A statement from his rep came saying “Due to a last-minute work obligation Tyga was travelling and was forced to miss his debtor’s exam. The judge issued the bench warrant for the sole purpose of ensuring Tyga will sit for the next Debtor’s exam.” Mmhmm. Then in January he was sued by songwriter Pretty Maw saying lyrics from her song 17th in his 2018 hit Swap Meet were used without proper clearance. Alas, lawsuits just seem to be another day in the life of Tyga. For someone only 29, he sure seems to get threatened to be sued a lot. We’re hoping he gets a better money manager if not for his sake, ours because we’re tired of having to write about.