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Tyga was definitely on level 10 at Floyd Mayweather’s 42nd birthday party Saturday night. He had gotten into an altercation with another partygoer there leading Security to come over and grab the Rack City hitmaker by the throat and carrying him out of the building. But in the midst of all the commotion, Tyga reached for the Security guard’s gun. Luckily, it never left the holster. Now why it was deemed that serious of a situation, it isn’t clear yet. You might remember that his ex Blac Chyna hooked up with his arch nemesis Soulja Boy just to spite him. While we don’t know if that’s where all this anger came from, we don’t know, but he definitely needs to dial it back a couple notches.

None of this has phased Floyd Money Mayweather. Last year he bought himself a private jet for his birthday and had Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber perform the year before that so he of course was more preoccupied with outdoing himself than worrying about a Security issue. And in case you need a reminder of who Mayweather is, he won a bronze metal at the ’96 Olypics for Team USA, so he’s been the ish for decades. As for Tyga, he needs to keep his reality show antics to a minimum, especially now that he doesn’t have any cameras to perform in front of. Worry about your career and if you’re not going to, you may as well go audition for Love & Hip Hop because that’s the only place this type of behavior is fit for. We’re just saying.