Photo Credit: Tyler Perry/Instagram

Tyler Perry is winning these days. First it was Forbes that announced he’s a billionaire, he has a new home that’s going to have its own runway, airport, farm, and now he’s cranking out the hits only the way that Tyler Perry knows how to do. He just finished filming a whopping 4 shows in just 2 months all because he chose to use the NBA’s quarantine bubble method, forcing everyone to live on the premises and not leave until everything is finished. And the crazy thing about it is that his series Bruh finished 4 days after they started on Sept 3rd.

Sistas was the reason for Tyler Perry Studios re-opening and then The Oval and Ruthless followed suit being filmed in the same time since its July 9th re-opening. All in all 82 episodes, 32 shoot days and 51 days of quarantine is what it took to get it done. And that was 51 days of paying for accommodations for 360 people.

Perry did, however have some positive test results when they first had people check in to the premises where he had this to say:

“We had 160 people check in the first day, go to their rooms, get tested and wait for their results. Nobody was able to leave their rooms. We had two positives in that. So we had them escorted out and got the help that they needed.”

He continued saying, “Unfortunately I have two cast members that have tested positive. They’re reoccurring. So I’m trying to figure out, what do I do? Do I add two days of shooting to the end of the other shows that I’m working on to give them time to be negative? But they’re asymptomatic. So I’m just waiting to see what the best way to do that is. But everything will flow just as Sistas did.”

If this shooting timeframe seems a bit extreme, just realize this is nothing new for him. Some of you may recall the criticism he had for filming A Fall from Grace in 5 days. Yes, an entire movie in 5 days. Fans pointed out some editing flaws but hey… as we see it, Tyler Perry is an industry and community treasure that needs to be protected so we can overlook things like that from time to time.

Someone learning from Perry’s ways is Tiffany Haddish who says she wants to start a studio of her own just like him. She says she’s been spending some time around billionaires to pick up some of the tricks of the trade. She picked the right person to learn from as Tyler Perry is a rags to riches American story of a man who went from living in his car to being one of the biggest Hollywood names today. And we hope she does it because we could use another self-produced black billionaire in the industry.