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When times are difficult, it often brings the best out of us and that’s certainly the case with Tyler Perry. He’s been making regular trips to the restaurant Houston’s in Atlanta for pick up orders and the fact that wait staff haven’t been working did not go unnoticed by him leading him to make quite the unprecedented act of charity. He gave each of the 42 out of work waiters and waitresses a $500 tip, totally $21,000.

Now Tyler Perry is a man who has done so much for others he could go the rest of his life without doing an ounce of charity. This is evidenced by the speeches celebrities like Tiffany Haddish at the grand opening of Tyler Perry Studios last summer, stating how they owe him their careers for giving them a chance. Still when Hurricane Dorian, one of the worst natural disasters in the world hit the Bahamas last year, he had a plane fly in with supplies. He’s also donated funds to bring clean water to over 65,000 people since 2008 across 4 countries.

Also, after the debut of A Fall from Grace and a lot of the less than favorable remarks were said, just know that he’s done both enough for people within the industry, blacks in media and even those in poverty that nothing bad should be said about the man ever again. And that’s all we have to say about that. We need to respect trailblazers and good people

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The sun setting on Houston’s West Paces Ferry! 🌅

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