Photo Credit: Tyrann Mathieu/Instagram

Kansas City Chiefs player Tyrann Mathieu has decided to help the family of the 9 year old boy who was shot and killed in New Orleans this week. In an event that’s still under investigation that took place Monday as a triple shooting where the 13 and 16 year olds survived, the 9 year old, Devante Byrant was shot in the head and did not survive.

Being a New Orleans native, this touched Mathieu exceptionally hard as he has a son there in the city now as we speak. “Young black children should not be dying from gun violence,” he told TMZ Sports. “Devante didn’t even have a chance to live his life before it was tragically taken away from him. My goal is to help stop the violence and help my community to show and empower children from my community that there is another way, one child at a time.”

“I wanted to help the Bryant family because I am from the 7th Ward and I felt that pain. I have a 7-year-old son that lives in New Orleans and I couldn’t imagine something happening to him at that age. He is only 2 years younger than Devante. My heart goes out to the Bryant and Howard Family.”

Photo Credit: Instagram

The case of Devante Bryant is the most recent in a string of child murders this month to include 1-year-old Davell Gardner on a playground at a park in Brooklyn,  a 12 year old boy shot in the leg, 8 year old Royta De’Marco Giles in the mall in Alabama, 11 year old Davon McNeal visiting family in Washington, DC that resulted in his untimely death getting caught in the middle of a shooting, 7 year old Natalia Wallace shot playing in a yard in her neighborhood, a 6 year old in San Francisco and we probably didn’t even get them all.

Shaun Ferguson, the police chief in New Orleans had this to say about the shooting of the 9 year old in his city. “We as a society are talking about social justice versus social injustice. We as a community need to take a look at ourselves.” We’re at least glad to see Mathieu reaching back to help a hurt family in his hometown and are certainly praying that this violence ends.