Photo Credit: Univision; Vanessa Bryant/Instagram

Vanessa Bryant and her mother are currently dragging each other in the media. On Tuesday, December 15th, Bryant’s 68 year old mom, Sofia Laine filed suit against her for financial suit for back wages as her personal assistant and the family nanny stating her son-in-law “promised to take care of” her “for the rest of her life.” Bryant says all claims are false, that she never had such a position and that Laine “has spiraled out of control.” She also went on to say she was “continuing to try and find ways to extort a financial windfall from our family.”

On Friday, December 18th, Laine responded to her daughter in a statement with US Weekly that “airing our family grievances in the public” is “hurtful” but said she “did not have a choice” considering Bryant’s actions. “All I wanted is what I worked for. Vanessa, despite everything that I have been promised and done for her and the family, has attempted to sever all ties and renege on all obligations and agreements,” Laine wrote. “Why would she do this to her own mother? I am so disappointed, hurt, and wronged to the point that I had no choice but to file a lawsuit. I am nearly 70 years old, my health is deteriorating, and my own daughter is doing this to me?”

Laine took care of Bryant and her sister Sophie Laine as a single mother, something her now deceased husband Kobe respected her for doing. Laine went on to say Vanessa “knows very well” that she was “the family nanny for two decades.” The whole ordeal has left her “disappointed” and “heartbroken,” and says these extortion claims “cannot be further from the truth.”

“It is unfortunate that Vanessa is making such false statements, especially in the public. I understand she is trying to preserve her reputation, but it does not excuse her behavior. … She knows the truth and she knows I was their nanny. She knows very well that she failed to pay me what I was owed,” Laine continued.

Vanessa accuses her mother of trying to back charge her $96 per hour “for supposedly working 12 hours a day for 18 years for watching her grandchildren” and also “demanded $5 million, a house and a Mercedes SUV.” Her mother says that amount was of her own doing. “When Vanessa moved me out of my home and into an apartment, she completed a rental application in my name, without my knowledge, and wrote that I was being paid $200,000 annually, which equates to a $96.00 per hour wage,” her statement continued. “I hope that my daughter changes course and will do what is right and give me what was promised to me. I also hope that Vanessa will stop preventing me from seeing and spending time with my grandchildren. She is using my grandchildren to punish me for exercising my rights. Although I had no choice [but] to sue Vanessa, after this is all said and done, hopefully we can go back to having an amicable mother-daughter relationship. In the end, the truth will prevail.”

This all comes after selling her mother’s house, putting her in an apartment, selling her Benz and cancelling her health insurance. All I’ll say is that God only gives you one mother. Figure it out and treat her right. You’ll regret it in the future. And for God’s sake, please don’t turn into Tori and Candy Spelling.