Ace Hood might have just turned 30 this spring but he’s in the best shape of his life so far. You could argue that he’s got the best body in rap at the moment. A full 10 years after his first mixtape came out, these days when he does a video shirtless it looks that much better. His body didn’t come by happenstance as he shared in a GQ article this spring that he’s a vegetarian that barely drinks coffee and goes for carrot juice instead.

As for his workout routing, he’s into calisthenics a lot these days, doing workouts with just his body weight which works well considering how he’s constantly globetrotting performing. That combined with his MMA training he dos makes his latest album title Trust the Process II: Undefeated quite appropriate and a no brainer. He speaks about the importance of remaining true to yourself along the journey. He spoke to HipHopDX on how he has tracks with Lil Wayne but isn’t putting them out because they don’t go along with his current direction. Now that’s trusting the process. Long days where he gets music of his such as Bugatti getting banned in countries like Nigeria. He’s matured since then.

“That’s another example of trusting the process,” he said of Weezy’s split from Cash Money. “You gotta trust it even when the situation is blurry or hazy sometimes it’s important to just create space for yourself and settle yourself as much as possible. He’s the GOAT to me, so to see him out of his contract is a blessing.”