Photo Credit: Megan Thee Stallion/Instagram; Pardi/Instagram

In a new viral video, Megan Thee Stallion is heard in the background in the bathroom while her rumored boyfriend, rapper Pardi threatens to break in there if she doesn’t come out. And he said she had 5 seconds before he decided to “come through that sh**.” After the event happened, she posted on Twitter that her mad was upset at her at the moment and put an lol at the end. Her “man has been trending since last night. People are concerned.

And if it’s anyone who wonders why there’s so much concern about Megan, remember she’s in the middle of a legal battle with her ex, rapper Tory Lanez for shooting her in the foot. And he’s been using his team to antagonize her and muddy the waters of her story online with blogs etc ever since. Then there’s the time she used to hang out with Trey Songz and how he used to be on camera holding a bottle of dark liquor to her mouth to make sure she got good and drunk. Yep, not creepy at all.

Now all of the above events are terriblem but there seems to be a trend here. I mean, you can like street guys and they not be the violent kind. Someone needs to help her vet her men. On another note, Pardi has the word “Feminist” tattooed in giant letters across his stomach behaving the way he does. Imagine that. Smh