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Deandre Hopkins is a 25 year old NFL first round draft pick for the Houston Texans. He’s a pretty good looking dread head and the victim of probably one of the worst nightmares of most people happened to him. Instagram was hacked and footage of him j*rkin’ off appeared on Instagram. At least that’s the story he went with. The video only appeared for 10 minutes and was immediately removed… kinda strange, right? Who hacks someone’s Instagram just to post a video of a d*ck? And a small one at that. Well, his girlfriend picked up his phone afterwards tweeting that Instagram was hacked and to have some respect. Well, he’s kind of cute and he’s a baller, so someone’s willing to put up with a little d*ck out there for a come up, so hey.

Glitzers, check out Deandre Hopkins’ nude photo leak below: