Photo Credit: @VictoriaSaidIt

Rapper DaBaby was set to perform Friday night in Massachusetts but bailed after getting into an altercation with a fan. Actually it was his Security who did the hand throwing but it was because someone attending started getting a little salty when he got turned down for taking a photo with the North Carolina MC. He reached for one of the Security guards’ hands and the next thing you know, he was carried away in a stretcher. The show’s promoter, Derek Lemire with NTS Entertainment said on top of a fan getting beat up, DaBaby bounced from the venue, Centro Nightclub, taking the whole $22,000 he was paid to perform. He’s currently working on getting it back though. It’s going to be a tough case for both sides to argue as a police spokesperson said none of the witnesses cooperated when police showed up. DaBaby’s excuse for keeping the money is a contract provision that says he gets to leave if he doesn’t feel safe. Sources say his team doesn’t feel the promoter had everything together.

It’s a shame he never got to perform because fans missed out on quite the show. He went viral for throwing weed into the audience at the Rolling Loud festival. Now that’s a new one and quite amazing if you’d ask us. We’re not quite sure if it’s legal either. But there’s no need to worry. He later admitted it was fake week. He even told the blogs “quit saying the shit was real before they fuck around get me indicted.” Nice stunt, though. But for those who really wanted to see him, he’ll be touring with 21 Savage this summer. That’s a pretty big deal for someone who just released his first album within the last 6 months. And his guerilla marketing campaign of putting his material on literally everything in his hometown of Charlotte is what caught the attention of Forbes, that just interviewed him about his rise to fame. And he clearly has a team that supports him as evidenced in this video of his Security beating a marginal threat to a pulp.