Photo Credit: Luwavyy/Instagram

Rapper Luwavyy just announced on Instagram that he’s releasing his new single Addicted featuring Trace Allen with a preview of him rapping along with the track. The preview performance was done shirtless, so of course he got our attention. The thing about Luwavyy that’s so interesting is that to come across him as an artist right now, he does exactly what we would advise not only new artists but established ones. For starters he stays in the gym from the looks of this video which doesn’t hurt anything, he has the artist look from his ever changing hairstyles and he has great graphics for his work. It doesn’t hurt that he has good production and flow.

What most people woudln’t believe is the fact that he literally just started recording under a year ago. He comes across as someone who’s been doing this for years. It isn’t often you come acros people swinging from the gate but that’s Luwavyy. He had his start as a model prior showing he has crossover appeal. We’ll be back in 8 days to share the full track but for now you can check out the preview we have here.

Glitzers, check out a preview of Luwavyy’s new track Addicted below and make sure you follow him on social media:
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