Photo Credit: Twitter/ArashMarkazi

While being inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame Saturday, wrestling legend Bret Hart got a little more than he bargained for. While on set, which was nothing more than a mic’d up wrestling ring complete with a camera crew, out of nowhere, a fan ran on stage to try and tackle him. The camera immediately cut to commercial but footage from inside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn showed the man who ran into the ring getting tackled himself. Fans began chanting “asshole” before Drake Maverick went to the podium to ask everyone not to pay the guy any mind. At the same time Hart was being surrounded by Edge, Ronda Rousey and Tyson Kidd making sure he was okay while the “asshole” was being escorted out. This would have actually been funny if Hart hadn’t had a stroke in the past. There’s nothing commendable or particularly amusing about trying to take out a stroke victim. That definitely earned him the entire crowd calling him an asshole, as that’s just what he was behaving like.