Ice JJ Fish went viral a few years ago for a spoof music video where his astonishingly bad singing ability was on display front and center. The thing that was strangely evident about it was the fact he seemed so serious about it. For years now people have wondered whether this is all just a game for him or whether he’s serious. Then there’s his teeth. They could use a little help. I’ve personally never paid him that much attention other than the fact he’s been consistent over the years and he still goes viral so the internet is clearly eating it all up.

After looking at his Instagram page he’s said people write him all the time saying he makes music they get to laugh and have fun listening to. He’s made it clear repeatedly that he takes what he does seriously and it isn’t meant to be funny. He apparently takes it so seriously that he’s getting braces next month. He says he’s spending $10,000 on them. He says he’d rather be told his music is bad than to have his appearance mocked.

The comments on him talking about improving his appearance were a little less than polite with one person saying he was going to go shoot up a school. I think we could have done without that one. He looks like he’s been in the gym as well. People evolve as stars so you never know what could happen. He very well might just show us all. I’m assuming him having his nudes leak online is the first step to him being looked at in a different light. But I have one thing to add here. This piece was finished and then I stumbled across him on Instagram in a video saying he paid a girl to suck him off an she changed her mind after starting. Something is wrong with a person who admits that on social media but at least he’s making money. He said that’s the reason he’s able to fix his teeth so the joke’s on the rest of us for mocking him, I suppose.