Chaera Brown is without a doubt a handsome man. That is already established. In fact, aside from a lot of these other fitness models on social media posting eggplant pics everywhere and thirst traps, he posts have an exceptional level of class. However, from the time we first discovered him and went through his social media to figure out who he was, it was practically impossible to just figure out his name much less what he did for a living. As a rule of thumb, anytime you see a person on social media flaunting what they have with no evidence of a career, there’s likely something fraudulent about it.

Well it appears his baby mother went ham in the comments of a previous article written about him on What we’ve learned is that his lovely interview about being a bachelor isn’t true as he has a son and spent time with him at his sister-in-law’s place just days before telling this lie. Another commentor said the number of times he’s seen his 2 year old son could be counted on one hand. He doesn’t pay child support and has ran from state to state to get away from their baby mother. As for what he does for a living? Thank God for the G.I. bill to allow him to have a car to drive and finish school. We also came across a nude photo of his that appears to have been taken during one of the adult webcam sessions we hear he used to do for money. His baby mother says he isn’t capable of keeping a job. He also owes nearly $20k in child support.

The comments were so brutal they’ve been turned off on the article. We’re just glad to see our predictions about him are true.

Photo Credit: Chaera Brown/instagram

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