Photo Credit: Kanye West Specials/Youtube

Kanye West just had his Sunday Service this week in Chicago at the city’s Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island alongside Chance the Rapper. Much different than Ye’s regular service which is held in secret locations around L.A., this was a good way to give back to fans and with a maximum capacity of about 30,000 which was filled and then soon, it’s safe to say it was appreciated.It also helped to quell someone of the secrecy around the services because Wendy Williams was invited and recently asked a guest of hers who had been a ton of questions because she had no idea what to expect. And given the hush hushness of it all, it honestly does come across as a cult but this was the perfect time to not only see for yourself but to take part in some positivity in the city for a change.

The stage was low to the ground, giving a much more intimate feel and surprisingly, no reports of anyone attempting to rush the stage happened. Nope, no Lil Mama moments, there. But then again, the crowd already had their chance to experience him up close and personal as he had a Moses moment of parting the sea, if you will as he walked clear through the center of the crowd headed to the stage watching everyone step out of his way. And this wasn’t his first public Sunday Service he put on as he did another in Dayton, Ohio after their recent mass shooting. Now for all that’s said about Kanye, the man is definitely loved and now that he’s taking his show on the road, he should consider more of these and specifically in areas who could use some type of positivity, post crisis just as he’s done in Chicago and Ohio.