Photo Credit: Kevin Nealon/Instagram; Corcoran

Kevin Nealon recently came home from being away a few days only to discover he had been victim to a 6 figure burglary. His Palisades LA home had $100,000 of jewelry and handbags stolen. Authorities don’t believe that he was particularly targeted but that it was a random attack. As for a reason for the attack, the 5 bedroom, 5 1/2 bathroom $4.35 million home could have looked appealing as it was a new build when he bought it in 2019.

Some of you may remember Nealon from ‘Anger Management.’ There he played the attorney for Adam Sandler, the man whose attorney, Jack Nicholson who does everything in his power to drive him up the wall where his reaction gauged how well his anger management had improved. We’re not aware of him having any anger problems so hopefully he’ll reprise his mild mannered character and not Sandler losing his sh**. But if he did, still, it would be understandable. We just don’t need him going full on Antonio Brown throwing furniture and vases off of his balcony terrifying neighbors and children below.