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Tyrese appeared on Wendy Williams’ show yesterday where the two talked about their rocky relationship over the years to which he said he understands and appreciates her job. He was there to promote the movie Black and Blue. It’s a great film, but we’re going to get to that later. The bombshell he dropped didn’t occur during his interview but off air. During the Shop Wendy segment, Williams revealed that Tyrese said that the reason Tyrese hadn’t been on her show in 3 or 4 years is because Tyrese had just told her her now ex-husband and former Executive Producer Kevin Hunter banned him. The first thing we thought was, since when was Tyrese ever rude and disrespectful to warrant that? It turns out he wasn’t. He was banned because Kevin felt he was flirting with his wife. When Williams heard this, she leaned over on the counter and shouted, “Are you serious, Kevin? Are you serious?” Her next response, though was epic. She began fake cradling a baby in her arms and asked him, “Who are you flirting with?” That was to insinuate he’s flirting with someone else while having a newborn at home. Given his history of cheating on Williams, she’s probably right.

As for the film Tyrese was on Williams’ show to promote, he was very happy to talk about it. The movie shows him getting dragged into a police officer’s drama who recently caught a police killing on camera and she needs his help against a community seeking justice to show she didn’t do it. The film debuts tomorrow. Aside from that, he’s also starring in 3 superhero movies and told Williams he got in shape for the role. Now that sounds interesting. And she asked him if he had any sex scenes in Black and Blue. He said no, but it still sounds like the film is a good one to go see. She said she went to a screening of it last night with her staffer DJ Boof but started falling asleep halfway through it. She says it was no reflection of the film, she was just tired and to go see it anyway.

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TSR STAFF: Brianne D! @beedev_ ______________________________________ #Roommates, things got a little heated on the #WendyShow after #Tyrese made an appearance and dropped some tea on #Wendy herself. ______________________________________ Tyrese sat on the purple couch to discuss everything from his wife and daughter, to his new business ventures, and his baby momma. However, it was what he said off of the couch that got Wendy all piped up! ______________________________________ Apparently, after not visiting the show for a few years, Tyrese revealed to Wendy he was banned by Kevin Hunter, who claimed Tyrese was getting a little too—click the link in our bio to read more! (🎥: @wendyshow)

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